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Please join us for one of our hike, bike, ski or snowshoe trips.

"All's well that Ends." (Jonathan Berkowitz, CBC's "The Word Nerd")

About Us

The mission of the Bulkley Valley Backpackers Society is to:

1) provide a range of opportunities for self-powered backcountry activities throughout the year for it's members, guests and visitors. These activities mainly include hiking, ski touring and snowshoe touring.

2) improve the backcountry experience through trail and infrastructure development, enhancement and maintenance.

3) advocate for the interests of backcountry recreationists regarding land management decisions.

4) conserve historic trails and features.

5) provide social occasions for members to get together.

Contact Us

Mailing address:

Bulkley Valley Backpackers Society

7072 Jollymore Road

Smithers, BC V0J 2N7