Events/Trip Schedule

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it!"  Yogi Berra

Trip Schedule

May 28: Bike trip:  "Enhanced" Snake road loop.  Starting up new bikeway out of town, onto Babine Lake Road, Telkwa High road and looping back on Snake road.  Approx. 30 kms, 4 hours.

Phone 250-847-9510 for meeting time and place. Coordinator: Julie Taugher.

June 4: Little Onion, 500 m, 4-5 hours, $5, JoAnn Reid, 847-5522.

June 10: Emergency First Aid. 0830-1230 at the Prestige (HBL). Etransfer to $20 for Trip Coordinators and those willing to become a Trip Coordinator, $90 for other members.

June 11: TBA

June 18: NE Slope HBM to Bald Spot, ~600 m, 13 km, ~6 hours, Bob Currie, 643-4672.

July 2: Happy Canada Day!

July 9: TBA

July 16: Sinclair Plateau, $10,  Thomas Wunderlin, 643-0387

August 13: Station Creek Trail to Alpine, ~1100 m, 7-8 hours, $10, Wolfgang, 847-5883.

August 20: McDonell Lake crossover, ~900 m, 12 km, 7-8 hours, $10, Steve, 847-4572.

"A tail wind while cycling is like priviledge. You think it's all you."  Alison Bechdel