Events/Trip Schedule

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it!"  Yogi Berra

Trip Schedule

Pro Tip; When touring with a mixed group of snowshoers and skiers establish a leader for each group. This will allow each group to travel at their own speed. Also arrange vehicle transport so each group can depart when ready. 

March 12: McKendrick Meadows (below 1550 m)  ski/snowshoe. 10 km R/T, ~500 m elevation gain, 5-6 hours car to car. Travel fee $5. Coordinator: Jay Gilden 250-847-4794.

March 19: Summit of Island West. Approx. 10km, 650 m elevation gain, 5 hours. Travel fee $5. Coordinator: Tim Bancroft 250-643-9950.

March 26: Island West to Smoky Canyon crossover snowshoe. ~10km, ~600 m elevation gain, 5-6 hours car to car. Travel fee $5. Coordinator: Steve Willis 250-847-4572.

April 2: Canyon Creek, Hill Trail or 20 Below, ski/snowshoe. 500-600 m elevation gain, around 10-12 km, 4-5 hours. Travel fee $5. Coordinator: Linda Kusleika 250-847-8817.

April 9: Happy Easter. No scheduled outing

April 16: Lyon Creek Trail. Coordinator: Stephen Lockwood 778-210-0548.

April 23: Hazelton trails. Easy. Coordinator: Wolfgang Loschberger 250-847-5883.

April 30: Seymour Ridge/Bluff Bike Trails. Coordinator: Leslie Ford 250-847-5707.

May 7: Malkow Lookout, emphasis on early spring birds and flowers. 2-3 hours, easy pace. Coordinators: Mel and Evi Coulson 778-640-4700.

May 14: Little Onion. Coordinator: Ron McNaughton 250-877-9491.

May 28: TBA. Coordinator: Julie Taugher 250-847-9510.

"A tail wind while cycling is like priviledge. You think it's all you."  Alison Bechdel