Events/Trip Schedule

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Trip Schedule

Pro tip: when touring at this time of year be sure to pack a lighter and firestarter. If a trip goes sideways and you have to spend the night a fire can be a life saver.

November 27: Assuming enough snow to snowshoe, North part of NE slope of HBM. ~ 8.5 km, 400 m elevation gain (but up and down, total ascent likely ~ 600 m.) Alternate route if there isn't enough snow for snowshoeing will be about 12 km and 320 m elevation gain. Bob Curie 250-643-4672

Dec 4; Island West snowshoe. ~10 km r/t, ~600 m elevation gain, 5-6 hours, $5 travel fee. Steve @ 250-847-4572.

Dec 11; 20 Below (Canyon Creek Ski Area) snowshoe. ~10 km r/t, 300 m elevation gain, ~5 hours, $5 travel fee. Also consider donation to CCSA. Stephen @ 778-210-0548.

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