Dog Interactions

We have received a complaint about aggressive dog behaviour on the Bluff Trails and this raises an important point. All of our trails are seeing a rapid increase in usage and maintaining safety is important. At all times dog owners should be ready to control their dogs so that they do not threaten other hikers or their pets. Aggressive dogs should be kept on leashes. For a good article on maintaining control of dogs while hiking see:

Here are the Provincial rules on dog behaviour on trails:

12 (1) A person who owns, or is responsible for a pet must ensure that the pet does not, while on a recreation site, recreation trail or interpretive forest site

(a)present a threat to a person's property or to the life or safety of any person or animal, or

(b)cause an unnecessary disturbance to other persons or animals.

(2) An official, a recreation officer or a peace officer who determines that a person has contravened subsection (1) may require the person

(a)to keep the pet under physical restraint, or

(b)to remove the pet from the recreation site, recreation trail or interpretive forest site.

[am. B.C. Regs. 354/2004, Sch. A, s. 3; 206/2006, s. 6.]

Please follow these guidelines and make sure that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience while using our great system of local trails.