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March 26, 2020        Message from Brandy Hughes |  Recreation Officer |  Nadina-Skeena District

P: 250-847-6337 |  E: Brandy.Hughes@gov.bc.ca  |  www.sitesandtrailsbc.ca 

Key points to note:

  • Cabins and lodges or any type of structure that has the potential to encourage gatherings and/or touching of surfaces, including donation boxes, will be closed. Cabins deemed to provide emergency services/shelter will remain open (not locked) at your discretion.
  • Overnight use is not permitted.
  • Outhouses will remain open.
  • Recreation trails are available for local use at this time, including xc ski and snowmobile trails. There are no restrictions on grooming at this time; however, we’re recommending it be discontinued in consideration of the following:
    • Avalanche Canada has stopped forecasting.
    • Our health care system and Search & Rescue are at capacity or have restrictions in place which may impact their ability to respond.
    • Out-of-towners are more likely to travel with restrictions in place in other parts of the Province and people off of work.

BC Ministry of Health is recommending we stay close to home and if you have to go out maintaining the 2 meter distance. If you believe your facility is encouraging people to ignore or forget these recommendations, please consider closing the site or trail or discontinuing grooming. I can provide wording or signage if needed.